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After what felt like a life time of trying to fall pregnant we finally fell with our amazing little man, Parker, who is the light of our life. I couldn't wait to spend every single day with him, watching him grow and smash out all of his milestones.


When he was 14 months old he was walking and had found some great confidence so I found myself feeling like I should go back to work, something I never thought I would do until my children were at school.


So back I went to work to a job that I really loved and with people that became true friends, but despite this I couldn't help but feel like I needed to be back home with Parker being the full time mum I had always wanted to be.


I then came across my wonderful mentors like it was meant to be.


They have taught me to start up and run an amazing business through social media from a second to none online university that is so simply set up anyone can learn how to start and run this business.


So while working full time, still being a mum and wife as well I became a bit of a night owl, putting in that extra hour a day to start up this wonderful business we came across.


Fast forward 6 months I am now back home full time with Parker and Lewis, who is very behind the scenes but has been a huge support.


We now mentor people to help them do what we do and live a life on their own terms, not someone else's.


Living a life with complete time freedom is truly a blessing. 

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